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CHA General Hospital has many branch hospitals and affiliated organizations throughout the nation and overseas.

Gangnam CHA General Hospital

Gangnam CHA General Hospital is the originator of the CHA Hospital Group, receiving world reputation for 40-year clinical experiments in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. It succeeded in the birth of a test-tube baby and the birth of a baby from pregnancy after in vitro fertilization and implantation of the embryo transferred to the fallopian tube, for the first time among private hospitals in Korea. Notably, its respected reputation in basic reproductive medicine is well known in the U.S., the mecca of advanced medicine.

CHA General Hospital, insisting on natural childbirth except for some exceptional cases, introduced the ¡®Lamaze Method of Childbirth¡¯ for the first time in Korea. To keep up with the age of individualization, it offers childbirth-on-demand giving the right to select the method of childbirth to pregnant women. This new service consists of 16 methods of childbirth that are believed the safest in Korea and foreign countries and vital formothers and babies. This system allows pregnant women to choose their desired method of childbirth after consultation with their doctors.

Bundang CHA General Hospital

Founded as the first patient-oriented hospital in Korea, Bundang CHA General Hospital, a combined Western and Oriental medical service, is operated by the best medical staff with the most up-to-date medical equipments. It has 22 departments with 900 beds and specialized treatment centers such as the heart center, the bone marrow transplantation center, and the Western and Oriental health promotion and management center. Furthermore, it is striving to remedy incurable diseases using stem cells.

Night Examination and Weekend Examination ? It is showing a new model of hospital service centering on patients, for the first time in Korea, with medical services of compassion and advanced medicine.

Gumi CHA General Hospital

Gumi CHA General Hospital was founded to provide quality medical services to the residents in Youngnam province. Using CHA General Hospital¡¯s practical experiences and know-how, it has established itself as a specialized industrial health diagnostic hospital. The Hospital is opening a new chapter of advanced medical services by opening an emergency center where medical staffs are available for 24 hours a day all the year round and an infertility clinic of the world-class level, for the first time in Gyeongsang province. The Hospital will develop to the premier general hospital in Gyeongbuk province with the most up-to-date medical equipments such as OCS, PACS and 500 beds.

College of Medicine, CHA University

Students of the CHA University will be globalized. To fulfill the global vision to receive the first Nobel Prize in Medicine by Korean, College of Medicine CHA University offers extensive curriculum, research, and job opportunities to take the lead.

Department of Medicine

In the Department of Pre-Medicine and the Department of Medicine, students learn the necessary medical knowledge and skills required in becoming qualified doctors in charge of medical diagnosis. They will master the art of becoming a truly dedicated medical professional who is skilled both in treatment and research activities of medicine. The College of Medicine provides the integrated six-year program, whose curriculum consists of two year pre-medicine and four year of clinical medicine.

Department of Nursing

Nursing, based on respect for life, compassionate values, scientific knowledge is to maintain and promote health, prevent diseases, regain health and improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities. It conducts research on the health problems of people as physical, psychological, and social beings. It seeks to provide practical application that can result in contribution to public health and welfare. The goal of Nursing Department is to educate students to become professional nurses who possess the quality of leadership to contribute to the development of healthy nation and society through the acquisition of the professional knowledge, skills, a caring personality, and creative problem-solving ability.